The role of the club administration committee is to conduct activities associated with the effective operation of the club. It is only through efficient club operations that a Rotary club can provide service to its community, retain members, and develop leaders for the club, district, and Rotary International. As part of the Club Service - Avenue of Service, Club Administration is just one of Rotary's Standard Operating Commitees. It conducts activities associated with the effective operation of the club, such as the weekly program and the club bulletin. The club treasurer and secretary are members of this committee. Other areas include Public Relations, Membership, Service Projects and the Club Website.

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Attendance at Club meetings, events, fundraisers and other Club activities is part of the Club Secretary's responsibility as well as the function of Committee members. 


Mike Hogan / Sue Cerletty

Progressive Dinner

The highlight of our annual social calendar, this event and dinner are held in February.

Chris Spresser
Membership Our Club is fortunate to have a dedicated and sustaining membership committee that has brought in a large number of new members over the past 20 years. Membership functions as one of our Standard Operating Committees but falls under the Club Service Avenue of Service.
 John Allen
Public Relations                   

Getting the word out to various audiences through traditional and non-traditional media as well as through social media helps raise awareness of Rotary and our organization. Public Relations also functions as one of our Standard Operating Committees but falls under the Club Service Avenue of Service.

Steve Stocker

This important role, manages all  financials aspects of both the Club and the Club Foundation to ensure accuracy and timely reporting and distribution of funds. This individual also manages payment of dues, invoicing and Club expenses throughout the year.

Bill Isbister

While this function is primarily the role of the member responsible for the weekly speaker, our Club is fortunate to have a Club Pastor to give the weekly invocation.

Bill Petterson
Club Bulletin

The Club Bulletin helps keep members informed about upcoming activities, events or news items. This includes District or Rotary International activities, member news and is another source of information along with the Club website.

Steve Stocker

Club Website With the increase in online media, the Club Website is vital in reaching out to both new and existing audiences. This includes all current news and information, along with relevant links about Club activities and Rotary International to serve members as well as various audiences.

Steve Stocker

Programs This function is shared between the Club Vice President and individual members. It involves the planning and coordination of weekly programs, including entertaining and engaging speakers.
Mark Zalewski
Club History Manages documents, stories, photos etc.