Posted on Dec 03, 2021
The Annual Meeting for both the Elmbrook Rotary Club and the Elmbrook Rotary Foundation occurred on Friday, December 3. In addition to update reports from various committee chairs, elections were conducted for both Elmbrook Rotary Club and the Elmbrook Rotary Foundation.
Elected as Directors (Class of 2025) for three-year terms for both the Club and Foundation were Raul Arredondo and Jack Nelson. Elected as Director—Past President (Class of 2023) for a one-year term for both the Club and the Foundation was Jan Constable. Dr. Dave Engle was elected as Sergeant-at-Arms for a one-year term, succeeding in the following three years to Secretary, Vice-President, & President. All terms take effect on July 1, 2022.
Thanks to all for being willing to serve!