Posted on Nov 09, 2019
ERC Rotarians Mark Zalewski (& spouse Evonne) and Larry Winkelhake (& spouse Jean Guzetta) proudly represented the club at the November graduation ceremonies of Common Hope's New Hope School in Antigua, Guatemala. They report that there were 155 graduates. Some 80 financial sponsors were also present, including the Winkelhake's & Zalewski's.
The Zalewski's were privileged to celebrate with their sponsored graduate, Monica Esquival Rivera, whom they supported for six years. Pictured with Monica, in addition to Mark & Evonne Zalewski, are her proud mother and sister. Larry Winkelhake and his spouse Jean were also able to celebrate with their sponsored graduate, Carlos de Leon.
In addition to celebrating graduation with the students whom they have financially sponsored, the ERC Rotarians also report that they had a great visit with Sergio Cuc, the student being financially sponsored by ERC itself.  Sergio has successfully passed his exams and is on to his senior year in school.  His major is automotive technology, and he therefore greatly appreciated the gift of a Harley-Davidson T-shirt from the club.  The Zalewski's and Winkelhake's were joined by Sergio's mother, father, and abuela (grandmother).  Sergio is one of her 45 grandchildren.