Posted on Sep 03, 2021

Héctor Colón, CEO of Lutheran Social Services, shared his life story in a motivational presentations to Elmbrook Rotary Club on Friday, September 3.

That story is encapsulated in his book, My Journey from Boxing Ring to Boardroom:  Five Essential Virtues for Life and Leadership.

In summary, the five virtues (using the acronym of CHAMP) are:

  • Courage (willing to take risks)
  • Humility (putting others first)
  • TemperAnce (practicing restraint)
  • Magnanimity (striving for greatness)
  • Perseverance (never giving up)

Héctor Colón is the President and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan (LSS). Under his visionary and Servant-Leadership approach, Colón has positioned LSS for greatness - adapting new models and business strategies to increase impact and viability for staff, clients, and the organization.

Colón was named a 2021 Notable Minority Leader and the 2019 Nonprofit Executive of the Year by BizTimes Media. He also was chosen as Hispanic Man of the year by United Migrant Opportunity Services (UMOS). His book is available for purchase on and at