There was plenty of hopefulness at our meeting this morning from 40 degree weather this weekend to a Packer win over Seattle on Sunday. A lot of Green and Gold was evident among the membership. We inducted another new member today, Ed Doolan who was sponsored by Club President Tom Curl. No sooner has he joined the Club, that he and his wife Marsha will be fleeing to Florida for 6 weeks!
Of course, so do do many of our retirees.  Ed and his wife Marsha live in New Berlin and he is a retired from Konecranes Co.  When he gets back, please be sure to give him a hearty Elmbrook Rotary Club welcome.
Our speaker this morning was Kurt Stanch who is Director of the Waukesha County Airport. He was introduced by our resident SkyPilot,  Dr. Dave Engle.
The Waukesha Airport is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year even though the site has been used as an airfield for much longer.  Kurt had a number of old photos of local air pioneers, many of whom are synonymous with the history of Waukesha.
Most people probably aren’t aware that Waukesha Airport, or Crites Field, is the busiest General Aviation airport in Wisconsin and in the top 4% nationwide.  With over 40,000 landings and takeoffs each year, it accounts for over $80 million of economic activity for the area.  In addition, with a new runway restoration project coming this summer and a remodeled Terminal Facility, those totals should continue to increase.
Kurt also talked about the projected shortage of commercial pilots and aviation mechanics and opportunities for young people in an industry that continues to expand.
Next week, “Our Own” Linda Edelstein will be talking about her experience with Common Hope in Antigua, Guatemala last year where she attended the graduation of Ezvin Rodriguez who was a Club sponsored student.