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Sep 30, 2015
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Sep 18, 2015
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Oct 02, 2015
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This fall marks the start of the eighth year of our Tutoring program at Capitol West Academy! Since 2008, Elmbrook Rotary has had a strong partnership with Capitol West Academy (CWA), a University of  Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) Independent Charter School, and has provided tutoring to students. Though the literacy project started with a tutoring program, the scope quickly expanded to include other programs including:“Diane’s Dictionary” distribution, summer reading program support and Elmbrook Rotary Club sponsorship of the spelling bee competition at Capitol West Academy.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor please contact club members Jeanne Allen, Kathy Becker or Jan Constable. Tutors can be Rotarians, spouses or friends. Here's some background information on the program:
We normally tutor students who are in the grades K4 and 3rd. If students do not have the proper reading skills by 3rd grade they tend to struggle throughout their elementary and secondary school years. Struggling with reading, comprehension and vocabulary has a direct impact on whether students finish high school. For each tutoring session your assigned teacher will have a lesson plan put together for you, and you will normally tutor the same one or two students each week. If you have two students you will tutor each student for 1/2 hour. From time to time if your student(s) are not available you will be given different student(s). Tutoring lasts one hour with most tutoring being done in the school cafeteria. Accommodations can be made if the cafeteria is not a good location for you.
It's important to know that all tutors must fill out two background identification documents. One of the documents is from the Capitol West Academy. This form needs to be filled out annually. Jeanne Allen has copies of this form. It needs to be filled out prior to the orientation meeting on September 21. The second background document you will need to fill out is from Rotary. You will be contacted by the Elmbrook Rotary Youth Protection representative if you do not have a document on file or you document is out of date.
We will be having an orientation meeting on September 21, 7:30 A.M. to 8:00 A.M., at the Capitol West Academy. During this meeting you will meet your teacher, get classroom information, learn about the student(s) you will be tutoring, generally discuss the types of lesson plans you will be using and trade contact information.
An actual start date for tutoring has not been determined but it could be on September 21 right after the orientation meeting. We normally all tutor at the same time on Tuesday's between 8:30 A.M. and 9:30 A.M. Limited accommodations can be made if Tuesday's and the 8:30 A.M. start times are not good for you.
If you are new to tutoring you will find that the students really look forward to your tutoring sessions. They are happy that you are there for them and they really enjoy learning. I have students that I tutored three, four, five years ago that run up to me in the hallways to give me a high five or a hug. The students will not forget you or what you have done for them.
Jan Constable
Elmbrook Rotary Tutoring Program - Chairperson



Club President Mark Zalewski wanted to make everyone aware of several upcoming worthwhile events including the District Conference on October 10 in West Bend along with the World Polio Day Event on October 23. You can also earn Rotary rewards for discounts on hotels, dining and more!
For Elmbrook Rotarians looking to get more out of their membership, the District Seminars are a great opportunity to learn new ideas and have fellowship with other Rotarians. Make plans now to attend the District 6270 Fall Seminar - Success Summit on October 10, 2015. Five Sessions will be held during this 3.5 hour event:

- Rotary 101
- RI & District Websites
- Foundation 101
- Social Media
- Membership Recruitment Techniques & Follow Through
2151 N. Main Street, West Bend, WI 53090
RSVP Your name and club name to Colleen by October 5, 2015:
For complete information, please see the flyer under "EVENTS"
How close are we to a polio-free world? What’s needed to finish the job? Can we make history together? Join us on 23 October for our third annual World Polio Day event. We’ll be streaming live from New York City, so tune in at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time to watch a global status update on the fight to end polio and take part in the conversation. Guests will include Global Polio Eradication Initiative partners, celebrity ambassadors, polio survivors, and others. For more information, go to:    

Rotary's new member benefits program gives Rotary members access to discounts on a variety of products and services selected with their interests in mind. For more information, go to:
  Recently, club member Bonnie Bertram gave her classification talk at a Friday meeting and the following is her write-up. Like many of us, Bonnie was 'recruited' by John Allen and joined the club in 2000.
I grew up in West Bend and when I was 9, my Dad received a Fulbright grant to teach English as a foreign language in Turin, Italy. We traveled to Italy on the SS Constitution and my sister and brother and I attended the Montessori School in Turin.  For 2 years, we traveled throughout Italy and Europe seeing the sites and going to the museums and Dad always said “take a look at this statue or painting” because you’ll study about it later on in school, and that was true. 
We returned to West Bend where I completed 7th and 8th grade, but my parents had enjoyed the travel and before you knew it, Dad joined the Foreign Service and we were off to Mexico.  My sister and I went to Marymount High School in Cuernavaca, run by the Terrytown Nuns from New York. I graduated from Marymount and received a scholarship to Beloit College where I did my Freshman and Sophomore years with a semester in Rennes, France. I finished up at UW-Madison with a Major in Spanish a Minor in French and a Teaching Certificate.
When I graduated there were not many teaching jobs available so I attended Prospect Hall secretarial school and was hired into First Wisconsin’s International Division and worked for two area officers for South America using my Spanish for typing and communicating.  I stayed on at First Wisconsin, which became Firstar and then US Bank for 31 years. and got into Personal Banking, working for Jeanne Allen for many years before she and John had their girls. I also got my Series 7 and CFP and ultimately retired from Private Banking in 2004.
John Allen recruited me to Rotary in 2000 and at the time, our club was fundraising for the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center. I was on the Business for the Arts Committee for the Wilson Center doing the same, so we had something in common.  However, what attracted me and what kept me coming back was the friendliness of the members I met in those beginning meetings, folks like Ned Consigny and Barry James both of whom also made my Mom feel welcomed at Changing of the Guard. 
Now that I am retired, it is nice to give back some of my time in Rotary to the tutoring program at Capitol West Academy and to the Christmas Party at St. A.  I have also enjoyed working on the food for Spikes for Tykes with Gordie and Jeri Miller and Marie Owens.  And over the last 3 years, I have worked with the Community Service Committee and  especially Jeanne to coordinate the Boston Store Community Day coupon book sales which have raised on average $1,000 a year for Capitol West’s summer school program, music program and St. A therapy drums.
Bonnie Bertram
Club Member Barry James recently announced the start of our Global Grant Project in India to bring literacy to 60 rural schools through E-Learning. The Inauguration Ceremony was held on September 4 at the Jaya Jothi Primary School in Omalur, Salem District, India.
Congratulations to Barry, Doug Jacobson, Erik, Moeser, Tom Pyne and the entire International Committee for a great job in achieving our very first Rotary Global Grant. A special thank you goes out to Elmbrook Rotarian, Dr. Dave Engle for initiating our connection to Honorary Member Jane Koons in Yercaud, India which is how this all began.
This is an incredible example of the impact of Rotary Clubs from diverse parts of the globe working together to do good work in the world. Lets hope this is the beginning of many more projects.
Mark Zalewski
President - Elmbrook Rotary
Over the past several weeks, President Mark Zalewski has inducted two new members in Harry Farchmin, who was sponsored by Mayor Steve Ponto, and Ted Wentzel, who was sponsored by John Allen. Harry is a Civil Engineer and Ted is a Marketing with an IT company. Welcome to Elmbrook Rotary!
One of the winners in our 2015 GREEN BAY PACKER TICKET RAFFLE, Greg Thomas and his wife attended the Packers vs. Saints game at Lambeau Field on August 29. Fundraiser Chairperson Gary Zwirlein, reported that we not only exceeded our goal of $8,000 but went beyond expectations and raised a total of $9,035. For more on the fundraiser and a complete list of WINNERS read-on.
After costs, our total was $6,655. Gary and others did a tremendous job with this first year effort. especially over the last two weeks with appearances at the Brookfield Farmers’ Market featuring former Packer, Bob Long.
Thanks to everyone who took part in buying or selling raffle tickets or promoting the event. It turned out to be a rousing success! At our club meeting on August 14, President Mark Zalewski drew the winning tickets then pulled a game ticket out of a separate bag until all 10 games had been pulled. Surprisingly, we had 2 club members win tickets in John Allen and Mike Schmeling!
The following is the list of winners who won 2 tickets to an upcoming Green Bay Packer home game during the 2015 season. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and thanks for supporting Elmbrook Rotary and the causes we support in our community and around the world. GO PACK!
Mike Schmeling
Greg Thomas
Jim Stewart
Ted Blum
Scott Gierhahn
Dave Lorenz
Ken Aronson
Kim Stewart
John Allen
Jeff Boyum
Jan Constable of the Community Services Committee reported that the results of this years school supplies collection got a big boost from Brookfield East High School students. Donations were recently delivered to Capitol West Academy after the two week drive but in addition to donations from club members, we also had help from Brookfield East students. Dan Roads coordinated the effort with the Brookfield East Interact Club as they collected school supplies from the high school students as they were cleaning out their school lockers prior to summer vacation.
It was so successful, Dan is going to try to do the same thing next year with the Brookfield Central High School students. All cash donated was given to Donna Weber, Executive Director at Capitol West Academy to purchase additional supplies. The following is the list of items collected by the club as well as the Brookfield East students.
2015 ERC School Supplies Drive - CWA
3x5 Index Cards 9 Packs
 Glue Bottles 14 Bottles
Glue Sticks 124 Sticks
Ink Pens -  Blue 170 Pens
Ink Pens Black   99 Pens
Ink Pens Red   46 Pens
  Total Pens 315
Dry Erase Markers 61 Pens
Washable Markers 150 Pens
Permanent Markers 134 Pens
  Total Markers 345
Highlighters 27 Pens
Hand Sanitizers   7 Bottles
Tissues -Individual 11 Packs
Tissues Large Boxes 12 Boxes
Individual Pencil Sharpeners 7
Erasers 63
Foot Long Rulers 9
Protractors 4
Scissors 11
Pencil Bags 6
Two Pocket Folders 84
Trifold Folder 1
Spiral Notebooks 45
Blue Line Paper 23 Packs 
3 Ring Binders  36
Crayons 8 Pack 1
Crayons 12 Pack 6
Crayons 24 Pack 21
Crayons 36 Pack 7
Crayons 48 Pack 8
Crayons 64 Pack 1
  Total Crayon Boxes 44
#2 Pencils 5 Pack 4
#2 Pencils 7 Pack 10
# 2Pencils 8 Pack 6
#2 Pencils 10 Pack 5
#2 Pencils 12 Pack 16
#2 Pencils 16 Pack 24
#2 Pencils 20 Pack 1
#2 Pencils 24 Pack 6
#2 Bulk Pencils 120
  Total #2 Pencils Black 1048
Colored Pencils 12 Pack 8
Colored Pencils 24 Pack 1
  Total Color Pencils 120
Back Packs 23
Linch Bag 1
Bag of Candy 1
Box of Colored Chalk 1
Cash $230.00
In addition to the supplies and cash donation from the club the Brookfield East Interact Club collected the following:
Pens.  18
Folders. 15
Notebooks. 29
Three ring binders. 53
Pencils. 43
Highlighters.  1
Scissors. 1
Dry markers. 7
Post its. 8
Hand sanitizer.  1 bottle
Stencil kit. 1
Calculators. 3.  ($50+ each)
Stapler. 1
Locker shelving. 5 sets
Padlocks. 2
Crayons.  1 box
Notebook paper.   Loose and in wrappers - the total is over 14 inches high
Thanks to everyone who collected and donated supplies to this years successful effort!
Jan Constable
With over 60 people attending, The Edelweiss Boat Cruise and tour of Kathy and Joe Becker's home on the east side of Milwaukee was our largest social event of the season! Here are some of the highlights:
  • It was a very hot and humid day so there was no better place to be than near the lake to cool off with both the Edelweiss Cruise and the Becker’s lakefront home.
  • The Edelweiss tour gave us all an appreciation of how vibrant the Milwaukee river and lakefront has become over the past few years. It was also fun to see so many people out and about enjoying the various bars and restaurants as we floated by.
  • Open house attendees were greeted with stunning views of Lake Michigan as they entered the Becker’s exquisite home along Lake Drive.  As everyone made their way to the patio they were treated to a staffed open bar and a buffet that contained small sandwiches and other appetizers.
  • Kathy & Joe Becker were very gracious hosts with Joe giving guided tours down to Lake Michigan past his lovely terraced gardens.  A tram was available for those who didn’t what the “stair stepper’ work-out.  Meanwhile, Kathy was providing guided tours indoor of her beautifully decorated home.
  • The events brought together both new- and long-time club members who enjoyed each other’s company sharing tips on the best Bourbons, learning how Joe Becker bought an Ansel Adams print from Larry D’Attillio years ago, and generally ooh’ing and aah’ing over how fortunate everyone was to share the day in such fabulous surroundings & good friends.
Thanks to the Becker's for opening their home and to everyone who helped in coordinating these wonderful events!
Chris Spresser
Club Service Committee Chairperson
Elmbrook Rotary Youth Protection Committee Chairperson Gwen Condon recently talked at a Friday morning meeting to let members know that every year Rotary International asks clubs to renew and maintain their commitment to youth protection. All Rotarians who have one-on-one contact with children must have background checks completed. Gwen is looking to complete this process as soon as possible, especially with the school year starting at Capitol West Academy.
According to Gwen, if there is a current volunteer affidavit on file, (less than 5 years old)  we will submit the current information for an updated background check.  If there was never one completed  or it has been 5 years or more, the form can be completed online at the following link  that can be found on the District 6270 website in the Youth Protection information section,   link to the affidavit:
Also, if there are any Rotarians who have current affidavits but have moved and need to change their contact information, please contact Gwen as well.
Gwen Condon
Youth Protection Committee Chairperson
Elmbrook Rotary
Office: 414-615-4893
Cell: 262-893-1536
The goal of the Youth Protection Committee is not only to meet Rotary’s expectations to protect youth, but also to educate and protect Rotarians from undo risk. Current plans include:
  1. Developing an educational program for the members
  2. Maintaining compliance documentation for Rotary
  3. Serving as a resource for members on youth protection issues throughout the year.