Jul 24, 2020 7:00 AM
Roslyn Franken - Author and motivational speaker
Author of Meant to Be and motivational speaker

Roslyn Franken is a dynamic inspirational speaker,
​author and proud cancer survivor 
who has been called a ​"Master Storyteller". 

Her presentations have been described as
"Emotionally charged... Uplifting... Inspiring... Breathtaking.”  


Roslyn takes your guests on a riveting journey back in time as she recounts the awe-inspiring true story of how her parents survived captivity continents apart during World War II in the most extraordinary of circumstances to find everlasting love and triumph over tragedy, against all odds.

Your guests will be totally moved and enthralled as Roslyn reveals the courage and willpower by which her mother survived the Holocaust concentration camps of Nazi Europe and the resourcefulness and resiliency by which her father survived the Nagasaki atomic bomb as a Prisoner of War in Japan. This is a powerful story of survival, love and triumph over tragedy that will captivate your guests the moment she takes the stage and begins to speak and keep them  hanging on her every word until the end.

​Roslyn also shares how when diagnosed with cancer at 29 with a tumor in her neck resting on the main artery to her brain, she was able to turn to her parents' strength and positive attitude as inspiration in her fight to beat cancer and overcome many other life adversities.

Roslyn reveals the key resiliency factors that fueled both her parents to keep going and never give up, celebrate their union, and live positive, meaningful lives despite the trauma of their pasts. She shares the lessons learned from her parents that we can all learn from to overcome life's obstacles, live our best lives and make our world a better place.

​Roslyn provides a powerful combination of masterful storytelling with compelling audio-visual elements including family photos, video clips from an award-nominated television documentary about her parents’ story and more, adding great impact and intrigue for a highly memorable and meaningful experience. ​