Posted on May 05, 2021
The annual Elmbrook Rotary Club’s fundraising campaign kicked off on Friday, April 2. Or, perhaps we should say “moved into the starting gate.”
ERC has returned to a horse racing theme for 2021.  But no horse race can start until we have owners register their horse and jockeys to mount their charges!  Owner Tom Curl had already claimed Galloping Ghosts as his team name.  Here are a few other suggestions
Lame Excuses
Lumbering Laggards
Baroquen Downs (say it out loud, you music lovers)
It will be a short two-month season with mid-season competitions.  Our race announcer, Zippy Zalewski, has set the race line-up.  Here are the major horse races and dates:
Apple Blossom Handicap – April 17, 2021
Kentucky Derby – May 1, 2021
Preakness Stakes – May 15, 2021
Belmont Stakes – June 5, 2021
A team can win one or all of the races. The next race starts the clock over and is another chance to win.  But we’ll also keep a running total for each team to have an overall winner.  Thus, there are four (4) chances to win – plus the overall winning team.  There will be awards for each of the race stages and, of course, the final crown to the champion.
Now it is all up to ERC members to get into the starting gate!