Posted by Bill Selzer on Oct 16, 2023
In 2006, a team of organizers and supporters visited Seligenstadt Germany, City of Brookfield’s Sister City with the goal of establishing a student exchange program. City of Brookfield Mayor Kate Bloomberg (Elmbrook Rotary member), and Elmbrook Schools Superintendent Matt Gibson led the campaign along with other supporters.

Agreement in hand, a partnership was created that has given students...
from each city opportunities to live in another country, experience new cultures and develop lifelong connections to students from a different part of the world.
Guest presenters Dr. Kelsie Pattillo and Hans Schegelmilch outlined the exchange program that gives students two weeks with a host family, experiencing life as an American or Germany student. Kelsie and Hans are the lead counterparts for this program. This past summer Dr. Pattillo and 18 Elmbrook students visited Selgenstadt where they received a warm host city welcome. During their stay, they spent time touring the city sites, meeting with the mayor, and running into visiting City of Brookfield Mayor, Steve Ponto. “They all had a fantastic time.” This was the first exchange since 2019 when the program was delayed by Covid.”
In October of this year, 20 German students arrived to be part of the Elmbrook High School experience and immerse themselves in what the Milwaukee metro area has to offer.  When not in school, they visited police and fire stations, the lakefront, Madison, and Chicago.
Hans described the program as a “people exchange where students learn the other cultures and where lifelong friends arise from this”. He has been involved in the partnership since 2007 and is impressed with the “hospitality and generosity of everyone involved”.
Kelsie and Hans, thank you for your dedication to this great program.