Stacie Estrada, a Wisconsin artist currently living in Menomonee Falls,WI, provided a presentation to Elmbrook Rotary on Friday, January 17, concerning the values of art in the world.
Self-taught with high school and WCTC classes behind her, she insists that it's the experience and working with other artists that has helped her grow. Her works include more than 30 murals and 50+ paintings. She has sold and customized over 40 commissioned pieces locally in parade of homes, businesses, and homes. It's seeing the customers' reactions she loves the best.
Her latest custom art business is a joint effort with her daughter and husband. Called "Believe Custom Art and Design," they offer live wedding paintings as well as custom pieces for individuals. You can view their work and business offerings at:
She has also owned Uptown Art studio in Sussex since 2013. She prides herself on helping others explore the art world and helping kids and adults value and admire art through the studio.
ERC members enjoy presentations like this every week on Fridays (7:00 a.m.) at the Western Racket Club in Elm Grove. Drop by for breakfast, enjoy the speaker, and consider joining the world of Rotary.