Posted by Bill Selzer
Three Marquette engineering students, leaders of the Engineers Without Boarders chapter, presented a program highlighting recent projects in South America. The EWB chapter was founded in 2005 and is mentored by Dr. Mark Federle who has been with the program since 2008. Since its inception, 10 student-led projects to serve communities in Guatemala have been completed.
“Marquette University's Engineers Without Borders is building a better world through engineering projects to help communities meet their basic human needs. Throughout the academic year, student members become leaders to design sustainable infrastructure projects that are later implemented alongside the community to solve the world's most pressing challenges.” 
Ashley reviewed the mission and goals where communities are an active part of the project, including design, planning, construction, and sustainability. Students, mentored by engineers, participate in all phases from the design and implementation of projects to community training including periodic site visits. Through these project students get to see first-hand how engineering can have a positive impact on communities throughout the world.
Serena and Maya reviewed two water projects. Serena explained the design team process which includes assessment and reassessment as a project progresses. She reviewed the process of site preparation, construction of the footings and water tank along with the installation of water taps located throughout the community. These taps provide the residents with a clean chlorinated potable water source.
Maya described another project where the system is supplied by three springs through an eight-mile distribution system serving 500 people in 107 homes. Part of the assessment process includes testing the soil for load bearing strength and collecting water samples from the springs for quality testing.  
These projects provide the students the following knowledge and skills:
  • Real engineering experience
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Project management
  • Global perspectives
Ashley concluded the presentation by thanking the Elmbrook Rotary for their financial support and mentioned a Marquette EWB Silent Auction fundraiser to be held on Sat. Feb. 17th 4pm-7pm at the Broken Bar Brewery, 135 E. Pittsburg Ave. Milwaukee.