Posted on Mar 31, 2021
The Rotary Foundation (TRF) has announced additional changes to its Global Grants program. The first major change occurred last year when TRF decided that World fund resources will be used to match only District Designated Fund (DDF) contributions, and the match remained at 100%. This change was because, due to COVID-19 distributions, TRF fully expended the Global Grant budget.
The most recent change takes effect on July 1, 2021, and includes the following:
1. DDF contributions transferred to Polio Plus will be matched at 50% (instead of 100%)
2. The World Fund match of DDF will be reduced from 100% to 80% when being used for Global Grants.
3. 5% of the current year’s Annual fund-SHARE contributions will be taken equally from the World Fund and DDF to help fund operating expenses. (i.e., for every $100 contribution, $5 will go to operating expenses, $47.50 to DDF, and $47.50 to the World Fund).
4. The ability to roll over unused DDF will be limited to five years. The first DDF rollover redirection will take place on 1 July 2026. Currently there is $48.8 million DDF being carried by various districts throughout the world, and TRF desires to put those monies to work. [NOTE:  RI District 6270, in which Elmbrook Rotary is located, does NOT carry over large amounts of DDF from one year to the next. Rather, a rollover occurs only when the amount is already designated for a particular purpose.]