Posted on May 09, 2019
Classification talks are a chance to know the people you meet with on Friday mornings, and serve with throughout the year, a little better. Several meetings a year, we take time to learn more about members, their life stories and ambitions, and what brings us all together via Rotary.
In the past several months six ERC members provided classification talks. Click on "Read more..." to learn more about them.
Remember to join ERC each Friday morning at the Western Racquet Club if you're looking for a powerful group of people with whom to network.
   Dean Johnson shared that his hard work over the past 3 decades is paying off as he enjoys less parenting responsibilities, more time skiing, sailing, and of course, working for the good of all as an active member of Rotary.
     In April, Mike Groth shared how a co-worker and ERC member inspired him to check out a meeting, and he's been engaged ever since.You may also notice that Mike isn't retired... and that's ok. Rotary is for anyone who wants to give back!
     Earlier in April, Jonathan DeVries shared his passion for HR, the Brewers, and being willing to be awake pre-5:30 a.m. to have breakfast with his fellow Rotarians each Friday.
     In her classification talk, Lisa Molsbee shared the value she sees in sticking with things. She has been married 30+ years and has worked for Pro Health for 32 years. She loves Rotary because of it's give-back aspect.
     In late March, Greg Smith talked about how family and work have deeply influenced his life, and how he and his wife of 38 years have always loved travel... and are doing even more if it now!
     At the end of March, our "Favorite Texan" Tom Curl shared some impressive accomplishments such as his 47 years of marriage, and how Rotary has given him "Longer Arms."