Posted by Bill Selzer on Mar 06, 2023

On March 3, 2023 Ann Leinfelder Grove, President, and CEO of Wellpoint Care Network visited the Elmbrook Rotary Club (ERC). Leinfelder Grove reviewed the history, growth, and goals of Wellpoint Care Network, which serves 5,000 individuals daily in southeastern Wisconsin. Through the practice of Trauma Informed Care, the Wellpoint staff and volunteers help children and families thrive by restoring connections that promote equity, learning, healing, and wellness.

The vision is to transform the “historic 18-acre campus on Milwaukee’s northwest side into a vibrant neighborhood anchor where families, trauma-informed social services, mental health resources have a place to connect, collaborate, and care for themselves and one another”.

Ann thanked Jack Nelson and the Elmbrook Rotarians for their years of volunteer support, compassion and kindness providing a positive impact on those served, and she looks forward to many more years of partnering and working together.

The Goals of the Campaign are to:

· Prevent childhood and family adversity

· Heal individual, family and community trauma

· Support strong families and thriving communities

With the Vision to:

· Expand, renovate, and share our campus as an innovative model for community healing and wellness with community gardens, walking paths and a peace garden providing “a quiet natural space for contemplation and healing open to neighbors, staff, and our mental health clients and therapists”.

· Embed principals of Trauma Informed Care into the very design of our buildings and grounds with a mental health clinic, modern workspaces for therapists, social workers, and other team members to work in partnership and coordinate care. A community social hall will include multiple indoor and outdoor gathering spaces open to the public for “connection, collaboration, and creation”.

· Engage local families, center their voices, and leverage their wisdom and resilience for future growth.

Thank you Ann for your 33 years of service to this long standing, care providing institution, that is vital in offering Mental Health Services, Child, and Family Wellbeing along with Training and Consultation to Milwaukee’s children and families.

If you would like more information regarding Wellpoint and its mission, or how you can volunteer and be of support, visit