Posted by Jeanne Allen on Oct 03, 2018


For the 11th year in a row, Elmbrook Rotarians will be tutoring students at Capital West Academy with 22 tutors meeting with 14 students twice a week!
Since 2008, Elmbrook Rotary has had a strong partnership with Capitol West Academy (CWA), a University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) Independent Charter School, and has provided tutoring to students in the areas of reading and math.
Starting this October, we have 9 teams tutoring at CWA who will meet with students twice a week for 1 hour.  The teams will be working with 14 students, plus 2 kindergarten classes, K-4 & K-5.
A total of 22 tutors, of which 7 are Rotary Spouses and 3 substitutes are involved in the program that was initiated by club members Jan Constable, Kathy Becker, Erik Moeser, and Jeanne Allen. Those who are involved with this years effort include the following:
  • Our Rotary tutors are Marie Owens, John Allen, Greg Bonk, Jan Constable, Erik Moeser, Wally Smanski, Jack Nelson, Jack Hill, Ralph Gould, Bill Petterson, Don Down and Bonnie Bertram. 
  • The Rotarian tutor spouses are Sue Roche, Jo Gould, Jeanne Bonk, Darcy Constable, Evonne Zalewski, Fe Petterson, Janie Jacobson and Kathy Jungen, who is a tutor spouse of a Mayfair Rotarian.
  • We also have Kathy Becker, and Doug and Janie Jacobson serving as tutoring substitutes.
  • Complementing the Rotary tutors are Don and Sue Hill from Brookfield Senior Center, friends of Jan Constable. 
Jeanne Allen is responsible for scheduling of all tutors with the assistance of Bonnie Bertram for this semester. Our tutoring coordinator from CWA is Karen Maass who is a 1st Grade Teacher. 
In addition to tutoring this year, Elmbrook Rotarians have sponsored transportation costs for CWA students to take a field trip to the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center in Brookfield on October 11th to see a play. 
If you'd like more information on the Elmbrook Rotary Tutoring Program at CWA, please contact Bonnie Bertram at