Posted by Bill Selzer on Oct 25, 2022

“Dedicated to Providing Safe, Reliable, and Affordable Transportation”

On 10/21/2022 guest Marj Koslowski, Board President, and Tom Slavinsky, Executive Director, of the ELMBROOK SENIOR TAXI visited the Elmbrook Rotary to talk about their service.

For the past twenty-nine years, the non-profit organization Elmbrook Senior Taxi has been serving seniors 62+ years old and adults with disabilities. Their mission is to “provide transportation to low income, elderly, and otherwise needy residents of City of Brookfield, Town of Brookfield, Village of Elm Grove and Village of Butler”.

Marj discussed the history, the taxi operations and highlighted the benefits to the patrons they serve. The Senior Taxi positively impacts their riders lives by, “keeping seniors in their own homes, supporting parents of disabled adults and providing nutrition support”. Funding is provided by the County, the 4 municipalities, individuals, foundations, and sponsorships. This funding helps in reducing cost to their riders.

The fleet of five taxis with six drivers, provide 900-1000 door to door rides per month with variable cost transportation, for:

· Medical and dental appointments

· Shopping and movies

· Church, work, and errands

· Beauty and barber shop appointments

· Family and friend visits

· Serving Mon.-Tues.-Thurs.-Fri. 8:00am – 5:00pm, Wed. 8am-9pm Sat. 8am-4pm

The objectives are to provide independence and meet the ambulatory needs of seniors and disabled adults at an affordable, breakeven rate. Riders can obtain a Waukesha County Taxi Card that provides a discount on fares. Taxis are disinfected between passengers, and drivers along with their passenger’s, wear masks following CDC guidelines. To learn more, visit

Currently, Elmbrook Senior Taxi is looking to hire 4 additional drivers. A background check and driving record review are a requirement.

If you, a loved one or friend need door to door transportation at a fair price, consider the ELMBROOK SENIOR TAXI at 262-785-1200, and Facebook @ELMBROOK SENIOR TAXI.

And if you or a loved one wants to be more connected to our community, please check out a 7a Friday morning meeting with the Elmbrook Rotary Club!