Posted on Mar 15, 2021
The Elmbrook Rotary Club's International Committee has elected to  support a unique collaboration between Jhoole in India and Womanspace in Rockford, IL.
Jhoole is a nonprofit ethical fashion social enterprise based in Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, India. Founded by Hannah Warren, a past Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and President Elect for the Rockford Rotary Club, Jhoole employs women to help them gain economic independence, invest in education and break the cycle of poverty in their community. Jhoole focuses on empowering women both financially, through employment and vocational training, and as individuals, through community programming in literacy, mindfulness, health, and creative arts.
In a new collaboration, Jhoole has partnered with Womanspace, a unique nonprofit organization in Rockford, IL, that focuses on empowering women to become creative, confident, impactful leaders. A group of artists from Jhoole and Womanspace have cross-pollinated ideas and techniques to design an athleisurewear collection that will be manufactured, hand-dyed and block-printed by Jhoole. The collection is available for purchase here.
Jeff Reed, Past District Governor of RI District 6270 and himself a supporter of Jhoole, has penned the following letter of appreciation and update:
Thank you again for your support of Jhoole!  To date, contributions from your club and other Rotary Clubs in Wisconsin and Illinois have raised over $10,000 for the Labyrinth project collection of athleisurewear. 
Hannah Warren has returned from her trip to India.  I want to share with you some updates from her on Jhoole.
The Labyrinth Collection
The contribution of your club in support of Jhoole is very beneficial in their production of the great new Labyrinth Collection of athleisure wear.  It has launched and is now available.  You can see more about The Labyrinth Collection at:
“Experience India” fundraiser event
This multi-faceted, virtual event will be available for the entire month of March, Women's History Month, until March 31st.  Take a look at  You can contribute to view Indian Culture Premium Programs;  Shop the Labrinth Collection of athleisure wear;  Participate in the Experience India Auction of over 150 items; or buy a gift card from the Womanspace shop for use at the House of India restaurant. 
Online newsletter
This tells the story of the fundraiser and breaks down all the components of the event and how people can support it.  See
The History of Jhoole
This new 10-minute documentary about Jhoole was filmed this past January in Maheshwar with the support of Rotary International.  If you have not seen it here is the link
Explore videos of Indian culture, history and traditions at .  See Tamil Folk Dance, learn about Cooking Authenti Aloo Gobi, observe Bollywood Dance, watch a Kerala Boat Dance, and much more. 
Feel free to pass this information on to your club members.
Best wishes.
Jeffrey G. Reed, PDG (17-18), RID 6270