Posted on Aug 25, 2020
Elmbrook Rotary Club just concluded another successful drive for school supplies. Divided between the 95th Street School (K - 5th Grade; a SaintA school) and Cathy's Closet, the amount of items collected was phenomenal! Following is an inclusive, but not exhaustive, list:  20 backpacks, 431 markers of various kinds, more than 1,000 pencils, 50 packs of crayons, 115 pocket folders, 104 blue sticks, 480 legal pad sheets, tissues and hand sanitizers, 50 medical masks, 60 tooth brushes, 72 tubes of tooth paste, & 12 soccer balls.
Way to go, ERC! Specials thanks go out to Greg Bonk, Jan Constable, and Jack Nelson for spearheading the drive, collecting the items, and delivering to both organizations.