Posted on Apr 16, 2019
Ciara McHugh, the 2018-2019 Global Grant Scholar from RI District 6270, began her PhD. program at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in September 2018. She describes her program with these words:  "Over the next few years, through the support of LINCS (Leverhulme Interdisiplinary Network for Cyber Security) and The Rotary Foundation's Global Grant Scholarship, I'll be exploring how police and communities interact around the world. I'm interested in looking at tensions between minority groups and police forces, and how we might rethink relationships between the two." ERC is the local Rotary liaison for Ciara during her Global Grant Scholarship, and ERC member Marie Owens is her contact. In addition, ERC member Larry Myers is on the RI District 6270 Scholarships Committee and guided Ciara through the TRF application process. She maintains a most interesting blog. Follow Ciara's progress and adventures via her blog: