Posted on Jul 30, 2021
On Friday, July 30, Sara Eskrich, Executive Director of Democracy Found, provided a thought-stimulating and question-provoking overview of the concept of "Final Five Voting."

Democracy Found is a Wisconsin-based initiative committed to revitalizing democracy. The organization argues that implementing Final-Five Voting (a system wherein the top five candidates are selected from the primary ballot and instant runoff voting is used in the general election) will ensure that politicians are held accountable for delivering results. A bill on Final-Five Voting is currently being considered in the Wisconsin legislative chambers.

The concept of Final-Five Voting is explored and explained in The Politics Industry (available on Amazon), a book by path-breaking political innovator Katherine Gehl and business strategist Michael Porter. They apply the tools of business analysis—and Porter's distinctive Five Forces framework—to show how the political system functions just as every other competitive industry does, and how the duopoly has led to the outcomes we see today.

Using this competition lens, Gehl and Porter identify the most powerful lever for change—a strategy comprised of a clear set of choices in two key areas: how our elections work and how we make our laws. The Politics Industry hopes to open eyes to the true dynamics and profound challenges of the American political system and provide real solutions for reshaping the system for the benefit of all.