ImageOver the past several months, both new and longtime Club members have given Classification Talks to give others a better idea of their backgrounds. If you've given a talk or are scheduled to give one, please contact John Schesta of the Vocational Service Committee with any questions and make sure to provide a write-up of your talk afterwards.


Casimir Laska

“Caz” Laska was born in central Wisconsin, but his family moved to Milwaukee when he was three years old. He comes from a family of seven children. He graduated from Marquette University with a degree in Math, and then attended Marquette Law School. After practicing with law firms in Houston and Southern California, he returned to Wisconsin in 1989. He practiced patent law with the Wisconsin firm of Michael Best and Friedrich for fifteen years, and retired in 2010.

Diane, his wife of 22 years, is an auditing manager at Aurora Health Care. They have a daughter who attends Brookfield Central High School. Caz enjoys driving their daughter to her many activities. He also plays golf, and takes computer security classes at WCTC.

Caz was a member of the Brookfield Rotary Club before it ended this past June. So while he’s only been with ERC for a short while, he a longtime Rotarian and knows the ropes. Please welcome Caz to the Club!

Jeanne Allen

ImageJeanne Allen was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up as Navy Brat. She moved from New York to Washington DC, then a had a short stop in Rhode Island which was followed by a move to the Great Lakes, and so on.
She attended 8 schools before college and landed at Quincy College where she earned a BA in Business Management. Jeanne was going to be a Phy Ed teacher but didn’t want to dissect the cat cadaver so she switched to business and ended up on that track!

Her first position was with Continental Bank in Chicago as an Analyst. She then went to work for John Deere in Syracuse working in the Business Accounting System for Dealers. Jeanne then moved to Milwaukee in 1973 and joined First Wisconsin/Firstar where she spent 27 years first as a Credit Analyst, then on to a Branch Manager and Business Banker. For the past 13 years, Jeanne has been with Park Bank as a Business Banker within the Treasury Management Department.

As most of you know, Jeanne is married to Club Member, John Allen and they were married in 1979 and have 2 wonderful daughters Jackie and Jennifer. Jeanne joined Rotary shortly after they allowed women to become Rotarians in 1989 and has been with 3 clubs. She took up running 1 ½ years ago and ran her first half marathon in May and the second last month. Jeanne also enjoys bike riding and dressing up in fun costumes!

Jeanne is entering a new chapter and will be changing her Rotary Classification from Banker to Retired on January 30th , 2015 so she will be looking for some additional activities to occupy her time! Could that mean becoming a Club Officer in the future?! We’ll have to wait and see.