Longtime Elmbrook Rotarian, Ned Consigny recently gave his Classification and while we know that Ned is a big UW-Madison supporter, how many of us knew that he had a twin and received his Bachelor of Science and Masters in Dairy Science!

Ned was Born on February 11, 1934 in Madison Wisconsin. 45 minutes after he entered the world his twin brother Tom arrived and they grew up in Madison. Ned Attended UW-Madison and received his Bachelor of Science in 1957 and later received his Masters in Dairy Science in 1960. He wanted to see the world outside of Wisconsin and accepted a job with the Carnation Company in Portland, Oregon to run the Quality Control Department. During his training period, Ned realized that he was a people person and returned to Madison in 1960 to work for his Major Professor on a project in working towards his Masters degree.
There he met my wife Barbara on a blind date in October 1961 and they were married the following year in July 1962. After 5 years of working on the project, job prospects were not good for selling the instrument he was trying to develop and in 1967 Ned went to work for his Father-In-Law in the metal fabricating business in sales and marketing.

Then in 1978, the metal fabricating industry took a dive and the business was sold. So in 1981, Ned decided to start his own business selling Promotional Items and Sales Incentives and liked doing being on the sales side. Over his career, New worked for three different companies selling Promotional Items and Sales Incentives before retiring earlier this year in June after 33 years in the industry.

He and his wife Barbara celebrated their 50th wedding Anniversary on July 21, 2012 and have three children including 1 daughter and 3 sons. They have been blessed with 10 grandchildren including 4 girls and 6 boys. Ned joined Elmbrook Rotary in April 1988 and his sponsor was Jim Rose. He served as President of the Club in 1997 and1978. Ned and Barbara have enjoyed the many wonderful friendships they have developed through Rotary and it has been a priviledge to be a member of this very active club while taking part in all the various service projects. To repeat a Chinese saying, A life without a friend is a life without sun.