Club member Tom Pyne recently connected with our former Rotary Exchange Student, Otto Mattila from Finland and here's what he's been up to since returning home!
It’s over a year since I got back to Finland. First it was weird feeling coming back and not having the Rotary Club and any of my friends here (except the Finnish friends). Returning back home was more difficult than arriving to US. I had to start to study even harder and all the daily stress I could avoid in Wisconsin came back.
One and a half months ago I began my last year of Finnish high school. The last year includes some amount of final exams (6 finals for me) which decide what you are capable to study in college. I just had two of my finals (which went… okay) English and Swedish. In Spring I will have German, Finnish, Math and social studies. I will (or I should) graduate the 4th of June, and you are all welcome to my graduation party that day! Then in July I’m supposed to go to military. Joining military is mandatory for boys in Finland. I don’t know yet what I will be doing there but I will find out in Spring.
In ten days I will go for a backpacking trip to India with two of my friends. We don’t have any big plans, so we are just going there and try to find out how to survive three weeks there. Our main destinations are Goa and Dharamshala (that is close where Dalai Lama lives). Me and my family are also planning to visit the US next summer. I’ve made my mind that I will visit the US in the summer but my family is still thinking a little. Our plan is to visit NYC, Ohio (where my sister was in exchange and where Maura, girl who stayed with us, lives as well), Chicago and obviously the Milwaukee area. I wish I could come to a club meeting, if the days fit.
After all, my life hasn’t really changed. I don’t think I have changed either. I’m still very thankful that I had chance to have my experience with the Elmbrook Rotary Club. I love you, and I miss you all.
Otto Mattila
(I don’t have many pictures of myself. This picture is the picture in my Indian Visa, that’s why I look mad. I don’t think I always look like this, or do I?)