Posted by Jackson Bubolz on Jul 20, 2022
Service clubs are built around volunteering time in a community to strengthen it, and to donate funds to organizations, allowing them to do their work more effectively. 
This is an opportunity to partake in both aspects of service!
Our Saturday mornings 7:30a-12p, there is a Farmer's Market in Brookfield (16900 Gebhardt Rd, Brookfield, WI)

At that Farmers Market the Elmbrook Rotary Club (ERC) will be both selling raffle tickets for the Packer's home games this season, as well as sharing what Rotary is, how we help our community, and how interested folks can get involved. 
Volunteering for this project allows the opportunity to grow our club and grow relationships inside our club, as well as collect proceeds from the raffle to continue supporting the 40+ organizations the ERC works with. 
David Irwin has stepped up to organize and oversee the raffle this year.
Please reach out to him with interest and questions. Mike Groth of the Community Service board and Steve Stocker, long time organizer of this event, are also available to answer questions, talk strategy, and share how fun this event is to be a part of!