Our speaker last Friday was Mame McCully, Executive Director of the Milwaukee County Historical Society – and also coincidentally is the wife of Elmbrook Rotary member Andy McCully. Two club members, Fred Gettelman and Mark Zalewski also serve as Directors of the Society.
Her enthusiastic presentation highlighted the role of the Historical Society in preserving the history of Milwaukee County and presenting it to a new generation in a way that is interesting and exciting as well as educational. 
The Society also owns 5 historical properties in then county, including its museum in a renovated 1913 former bank building in downtown Milwaukee and the two oldest county residences which are the Kilbourntown House in Estabrook Park and the Lowell Damon house in Wauwatosa. Mame also highlighted the recent History of Milwaukee Brewing exhibit; the upcoming  exhibits on Milwaukee Music History; the 50th Anniversary of Summerfest; and the Harvest Arts And Crafts Fair at the Society’s Trimborn Historical Farm on Sept. 10th and 11th.
As the archive for 150 years of historical county documents, a treasure trove of artifacts and well over 1 million photos, the Historical Society is a mecca for genealogy and history buffs alike.
To learn more about the Milwaukee Historical Society and upcoming events, please visit www.milwaukeehistory.net