A good hearty breakfast and warm Rotarian fellowship was just the thing for a grey Friday morning.

ImageWe heard from Club Member, Greg Bonk this morning – answering the question of “Why did I join Rotary?” The simple answer – “I was asked by another Rotarian.”  It can be as straightforward as that but it may have helped since Greg knew half of the people at the first meeting he attended! Since joining ERC, Greg has gotten closer to old friends who were already Rotarians and has made many more new ones. Only regret?  He still has not won the raffle, not yet anyway.

And our veteran member Classification Talk was given by Ned Consigny who joined the Club in 1988. He took us through his long and varied career – starting as Dairy Science major at UW-Madison (where he realized he liked people a lot more than cows), to manufacturing sales, to the owner of his own advertising specialty business - from which he has just recently retired. Ned’s 26 years as an Elmbrook Rotarian included serving as President and he continues in his ongoing role as Head Choral Master of the “ERC Birthday Singers.”  Ned is an outstanding example of the commitment to service and the community that makes ERC the vibrant club it is.


To quote Mark Twain “There are lies, damned lies and statistics!”  

ImageAnd showing this to still be true today was our speaker this morning, Todd Berry who is President of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance. With Election Day approaching and the partisan rhetoric reaching a fever pitch, Todd was able to cut through the hyperbole, get behind the statistics  and give us a clearer picture of the issues facing Wisconsin voters. He highlighted one of the key underlying concerns facing our state, an aging population, with fewer new workers to replace those who are retiring which are a challenge for whoever wins the election. We will all be a little more knowledgeable when we go to the polls a week from Tuesday.

Our speaker next week will be Larry Pesch who is Director of Advancement for Brookfield Academy.