Posted by Bill Selzer on Nov 21, 2022

Before the Holiday festivities begin, there are a few fire facts and fire prevention suggestions from the National Fire Protection Agency:

49% of house fires are caused by unattended stove top cooking, with triple the number of fires on Thanksgiving Day. Most of these cooking equipment fires are due to overheating of cooking oils.

· Do not leave items cooking on the stovetop unattended.

· Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are in working order. Test them annually by pressing the “Test Button”. Both Smoke and CO alarms should be replaced every seven to ten years.

· Have a fire extinguisher and or a fire smothering blanket, (i.e. Prepared Hero Fire Blanket) available within proximity of the kitchen. Make sure the extinguisher’s indicator registers in the “Green”

· If a fire occurs in a pan on the stovetop (and can be done safely), place a lid, cookie sheet, fire blanket or other non-flammable type cover over the pan to smother the fire. If using a fire extinguisher, start far enough back before discharging to keep from splashing the flammable liquid onto any nearby combustible items, causing the fire to grow and extend. Make sure an escape route is unobstructed or will not be blocked by the fire in the event the fire is not extinguished.

· A turkey fryer should not be utilized in a garage, structure or close to any combustible objects.

· If you plan on cleaning your oven with the cleaning cycle, please read the oven cleaning instructions in the operator’s manual and beware of the location of the oven circuit breaker on your electrical panel in case you want to de-energize the appliance.

· Don’t delay in calling 911 in the event of a fire. Fires doubles in size every 30 – 60 seconds.

December is the peak month for fires caused by burning candles

· Do not leave candles burning in an unoccupied room

· More then one-third of home candle fires started in the bedroom

· Three of every five candle fires start when combustible items are too close to the candle. Keep candles at least one foot from flammable furnishings etc.

· More than two of every five decoration fires happen because decorations are placed too close to a heat source

Additional information and the Fire and Injury Prevention Safety Tips program will be provided in the future as the program is developed.

Have a great and safe Thanksgiving!