ImageIn case you missed our Friday meeting last week, here’s a rundown on the highlights - or “lowlights” if you’re John Allen!

John (Allen) was designated “Smartest Person in the Room” – at least for today.  John knew the origin of the word Jeep was a slurring of the acronym GP – short for the official name of the military’s General Purpose vehicle.

President Tom gave his presentation on this year’s Rotary International Convention, held last May in Sydney Australia. It included photos of the sights of Sydney, as well as the many cultural and artistic attractions of Australia. President Tom also highlighted the diversity of Rotary and the many worthwhile programs on display at the Convention.We wished “Bon Voyage” to Julie Prange, our Outbound Rotary Exchange student who leaves Tuesday for a year studying in Belgium.

Peter Meyer was inducted as our newest member this morning.  Peter is a District Executive with the Boy Scouts of America. Welcome to the Club Peter! 

And finally we said “Auf Wiedersehen” to Carly Hetzel our Inbound Exchange student in 2012. Carly is leaving for University in Heidelberg after spending the last month visiting friends here in Wisconsin