Our annual Christmas party, for the boys of SaintA Home the night before, had everyone in good spirits this morning. Magician Gil Girard dazzled the boys with his slight-of-hand – including lifting Barry James’ watch right off of his wrist. The Grinch showed up and tried to spoil the event but fortunately Santa arrived with gifts for everyone and a pile of new games for the school game room. Poor Kevin Roche missed seeing Santa again. Seems he leaves the room every year right before Old St. Nick gets there. Maybe next year Kevin….
Everyone caught the spirit and when our MC for the event – Wally Smanski, asked if the boys knew what Rotary was and one youngster piped up “It’s a Portable Carnival!” That young boy was right – Elmbrook Rotary is definitely a fun place to be!
Our Speaker this morning was John Becwar of Oasis Senior Living Options. He talked about the many choices and decisions faced by older adults when considering a change of residence due to aging or health concerns. 
On Sunday, we’re having our Packer Inside Tailgate Party hosted by the Mark and Jackie Thurner with a start time of 3:00 pm. Bring a snack to share and your beverage of choice.
Next week, join us for our annual Christmas Celebration, and that Old Grinch may stop by but we won’t let him spoil our fun. And part of the program will include “Your Special Memories of Christmas”
What was your favorite gift, received or given? And what is your favorite Christmas memory? It promises to be a fun and memorable event.