Posted by Jackson Bubolz on Jan 09, 2023
We continue to hear that Rotary isn't just about having breakfast while listening to a speaker. Some may conjecture that breakfast is the smallest piece to being a Rotarian. 
Our club has a social event lined up on January 25th where Lucas Severson will be delivering a late afternoon Trivia session. 

If trivia isn't your thing, or you want to take a drive after the last question is answered, there is an excellent opportunity to network with Rotarians who meet to the North of us. Rotarians will discuss projects they are excited about, items that aren't working quite yet, and everything in between. 
If this looks like an event you are interested, please say so during happy fines this Friday. This seems like a second great opportunity to carpool with members of our own club and get to know them better. Then, we break up and meet other folks at the event, and compare notes on the way home. 
Trivia night or a District mixer, investing time in Rotary will enhance your experience, and also enhance the connections we have in our club!