Earlier this month, Rotary Youth Exchange students Otto Mattila from Finland and Elen Velez had a chance to visit our Club.



At our Club meeting on August 9th, Elmbrook Rotary Club's inbound and outbound Youth Exchange students had an opportunity to visit our Club and talk about their experiences, backgrounds and activities. 

Otto Mattila is our current inbound exchange student from Finland and will be attending Brookfield East High School. He will be staying with several host families during the school year including the Griffin family who also attended our August 9th meeting. 

Elena Vasquez was our outbound exchange who spent the past year in Brazil. Elena gave a wonderful presentation to our Club - completely in Portuguese! She attended the meeting with her parents Ramon Velez and Holly Davenport. Elena's interests in living and studying abroad will continue this fall when she'll be heading off to Paris to study fashion design.

We wish both Otto and Elena the best of luck in their endeavors over the next year!

Elmbrook Rotary is fortunate to have a thriving Youth Exchange Program which is lead by Club Members Bill Petterson and Marie Owens. Thank you for all your coordination with Rotary International, the Elmbrook School District, local host families and our Club's Youth Protection Services committee in meeting necessary requirements and making sure that the program runs smoothly.

Rotary Youth Activities include not only Youth Exchange Programs but involvement with Rotary Interact Clubs at Brookfield East High School, and a whole lot more. Learn more about them in areas of our website in the next month.