June is "Rotary Fellowships Month."
Elmbrook Rotary has quite a few members who participate in "Straight Shooters," the local gathering of the Rotary "Shooting sport" Fellowship. Other ERC members belong to the "Beer" Rotary Fellowship.
ERC member and Club Treasurer Mark Zalewsky writes the following about his involvement in two Rotary Fellowships:
"If you haven't seen it yet, this month's [June edition of The] Rotarian has a small piece on Rotary Fellowships [p. 60].   Fellowships can be a way to extend the Rotarian spirit beyond just the Club level to the World beyond - through common interests or professional affiliations. Many of the Fellowships organize events that coincide with the International and Regional conferences.  And, many events support Rotary causes while being fun in their own right.      
"I am a member of the Cycling Fellowship (Cycling2Serve) and the Surfing Fellowship (long story).  I've participated with over 200 Rotarians from all over the world - including RI Executive Secretary John Hewko and the RI staff - in the annual El Tour de Tucson and helped raise in excess of $7 million for End Polio Now.  And, before COVID derailed the RI convention, the Surfing Fellowship had planned to have 500 surfers "Hang Ten" at Waikiki. Also, through social media we can stay connected with each other's activities.  
"Take a look at the list of Rotary Fellowships - there is one for almost any interest.   And it just one more way Rotary opens doors to the World."