For nearly two years, the techs for RI have been working to refresh and revitalize Rotary’s website.  On August 26th, the new website was launched.  It has a whole new look and quite a few changes have been made.  We would like to make you aware of some of the more important changes:
My Rotary (for members):

All members will be encouraged to register and sign in when visiting the site. Members will be able to better engage through their own customized experience based on their interests, and conduct their Rotary business more easily than ever before.

The new website will eliminate the need for the Member Access Portal (MAP). Those currently registered in MAP will simply be prompted to re-register when first visiting the site and will then be able to access tools previously located in MAP, such as the ability to edit club data, use Rotary Club Central, etc.

The website’s “search” engine is now powered by Google, making locating documents, articles and tools much easier.

Security – As part of the new launch, we are also adopting industry leading security measures 

to manage your IDs and passwords. To facilitate this transition, any MAP user who logged in within the last year will go through an abbreviated re-registration process. (for the general public)

The public site tells our story to external audiences in a fresh, streamlined way, encouraging people to get to know Rotary and learn about all the great work Rotarians are doing all over the world.