Posted by Jackson Bubolz on Aug 02, 2022
There's a new Sheriff, I mean, a new Sargent in town, and he means business.
On July 29, 2022, it appears Sargent at Arms Dave Engle delivered back to back to back to back fines to unsuspecting Rotarians. Some were the variety that we expect (late fines, pin fines) and some were blatant money grabs (like accusing and fining a member for not wearing their name badge... while that member wore their name badge...) Either way, another few dozen dollars were raised because we lacked some attention to detail. 
A note to newer members. The Sargent at Arms has special authority to hand out fines to members who are not keeping Rotary as crisp as it could be. Those fines could be for:
  • Forgetting to wear your Rotary pin
  • Not having a name badge on
  • Being late
  • Leaving early
  • Not completing a "full" happy table
This list is not inclusive, and some have been fined for something off the wall.
The spirit idea behind the fines is keeping everyone focused on taking pride in being a Rotarian, respecting the time of the other members, and maybe get Happy fines going if it's a slow start.  
Please keep an eye out for Sargent Shakedown... and wear your pin!