Posted by Jackson Bubolz on Apr 13, 2022
It's that time of year! The Elmbrook Rotary Club's "Spikes for Tikes" annual fundraising drive is in full operational mode. Project coordinator Mike Hogan has sent out all applicable documents (teams, appeal letter, listing of 2020-2021 charitable donations, etc.) to all members of Elmbrook Rotary.
"Spikes for Tikes" is the club's largest fundraising event and is the main way the club creates funds to donate into our community. 
For the Spikes event, the club is split into different teams with the funny names of minor league baseball teams. Everyone is asked to talk with business owners, family & friends, and anyone else who finds joy in donating back into our community. We compete to determine which team can raise the most.
If you wonder about where the money goes, check out this PDF which lists the 2020-2021 charitable donations of Elmbrook Rotary Club and its Foundation. It's impressive! 
The June 4th in-person wrap up is a volleyball event to be held at Mitchell Park. We invite teams from the community to play volleyball and learn more about Rotary. Register your team online by clicking here. Or, download the team registration form. There are also lots of opportunities to volunteer for this event. 
Please see our fearless Spikes' leader, Mike Hogan (pictured delivering a rousing speech) for more details and sign ups.