ImageWhen the Major Fundraising Committee (a.k.a. the Spikes for Tykes Committee) met a few months ago to discuss the successes as well as possible areas for improvement in next year’s event, the following topics were brought up for consideration in 2015.


More information will be provided before the campaign starts next February/March but if you have anything to share or add, please contact Chairperson Barry James.    

  • A sign at booth inviting people to"ask about Rotary membership"
  • Reprint of what we did with our money the previous year be available
  • Continue to have the truck arrive early at 7:30 A.M.
  • Check Grills before event to ensure they work. Plan on buying a new grill if needed.
  • Ask members for donation of 2 large coolers for Spikes and the 4th of July
  • Make sure all Members review solicitation list and CHECK addresses as well as PURGE list back 5 years
  • Send warm-up letter to donors by Valentine’s day
  • Discussed money to students and the fact that this is not a cost but a donation. Consider putting on our registration form and leave the present amount at $75.00
  • Reconsider having the Donors Thank You Breakfast
  • Consider eliminating the newspaper ad listing all donors to save $1,100
  • Evaluate and consider having short sleeve shirts to save costs and get reaction of players/sponsors
  • Contact friends and acquaintances, to try to develop a competitive component
  • When a donation for a team is received, a thank you letter should go out within a week.  A second letter as" wrap-up" after the event is over
  • Solicit major donors ($2500.00 and above) early in the year (January/February)
  • Evaluate buying all supplies from Sendiks in Elm Grove