Posted on Jun 07, 2019
Jae-Kyu Lee, founder of J.K. Lee Blackbelt Academy, and son Chan Lee provided the program at Elmbrook Rotary on Friday, June 7. Please see the entire story by clicking "Read more ..." so that you don't miss the video clips.
J.K. Lee emigrated from the Republic of Korea in 1975 and founded his martial arts self-defense academy in 1976. He holds a 9th Degree Blackbelt in TawKwonDo, the highest possible level. His son, Chan Lee, works alongside the father and holds a 6th Degree Blackbelt. J.K. Lee, on the day after the 75th anniversary of D-Day in Europe, expressed his profound appreciation to ERC members for the American role in freeing South Korea.
TaeKwonDo is a self-defense art that is taught to all age levels at the J.K. Lee Blackbelt Academy. The academy also sponsors various programs for youth in schools throughout the greater Milwaukee area. ERC members delighted in Chan Lee's teaching them some basic self-defense skills and learning how to break a piece of pine wood.
ERC Immediate Past President
Linda Edelstein tries her "hand" at TaeKwonDo
Brookfield Mayor Steven Ponto
tries his "hand" at TaeKwonDo