Posted by Jackson Bubolz
The Elmbrook Rotary Club (ERC) is a vibrant group.
A big reason this club is so impactful is we are so active. Our meetings are well attended, our donations are notable, and we organize volunteer projects locally and internationally.
The reason we're able to do all of this so effectively is we have lots of different people leading and supporting different projects.
Mark Zalewski and Mike Hogan have taken lead on Spikes for Tykes for years. Gordy Miller, Paul Langer, John & Jeanne Allen are staples at board meetings and past presidents continue to serve in new capacities. The list of people who really put in time for the club is long, sorry I missed so many of you. 
It's important to note, the same folks can't do it all... forever.
A great example of getting more members involved is Steve Stocker running the raffle since inception, and diligently transitioning it. Larry Meyers has made a wonderful contribution to our club with an effective newsletter and website. When he started training me, I realized how much work he was putting in every week. I asked for help and had several people reach out. Thank you.
Special thank you to Emily Jones who has gracefully accepted the role of social media manager, and a few others have voiced interest in sharing what the ERC is up too. 
As we've seen so many people step up and into new roles, I wanted to take a moment to thank them. These commitments help to make our club fun, enriching, and a source for good. 
Thank you to our Club Chairs Mike Groth, Erik Moser, Tom Curl, & Jack Nelson.
If you don't have your hands in a project with the ERC, please get them dirty. You will enjoy your time with the club even more and you will have proof you're part of helping to make our world a better place. 
If you don't have a project you are active in, please ask a Club Chair what projects they have available. PR will be posting any upcoming activities we're notified of and posting pictures and recaps of events we're sent. 
Thank you to everyone for making the Elmbrook Rotary Club a great club to be a part of.