Posted on Mar 08, 2022
Have you heard about all the break-ins related to the entry level models from 2016-2021 Hyundais and Kias?
At the March 4th  Rotary meeting, Detective Kelly of the MPD shared some insight.
Here’s the reconnaissance:
  • Broken back windows don’t set off the car alarm
  • Steering column has a “soft underbelly”
  • A USB can then start and stop the vehicle like an ignition key
  • Accumulating these offenses have become status symbols in our community (i.e. #KiaBoys handle)
What can be done?
An ounce of preventing is better than a pound of cure.
  • If you own a KIA or Hyundia in those manufacturer years - consider selling it
  • Lock your cars! These folks take these stolen cars to the suburbs to upgrade their score. Locked cars (of any brand) are a HUGE detractor to theft
  • Close your garage; close your blinds at night. Don’t be the easy target.
Our communities are overall safe. These are a few tips to help avoid big surprises.