President, Tom Curl has finalized the list of Club Committee Chairs for 2014-15, and the list for the current year is as follows:

  • Community Service          Mike Schmeling
  • International Service        Doug Jacobson
  • Club Administration          Christine Spresser
  • Vocational Service           Dan Roads
  • Foundation                       Kevin Roche
  • Major Funding                  Barry James
  • Membership                     John Allen
  • Youth Activities                John Schesta
  • Website                           Steve Stocker
  • Public Relations               Steve Stocker

If you aren't currently involved in a committee or are thinking about changing, now is a good time to contact the people listed above to learn about the activities each committee is responsible for. Likewise, if you’re not currently taking part in some aspect of your committee, please take time to think about how you can become more engaged. As Rotarians, we're called to serve and with Elmbrook Rotary, there are hundreds of ways for you to take part!