Posted by Bill Selzer
Thomas Kauer, a Harvard Masters graduate in technology, innovation and education presented a program covering the benefits of using VR for training. He currently is a Digital Project Manager for Edward Jones.
The Virtual Reality (VR) industry is rapidly moving forward and expanding offerings in the markets of gaming, entertainment, training/learning, meeting collaboration, and design by seamlessly blending digital content with your physical space. VR changes the way you upskill/onboard/build capabilities with augmented reality.
In the education and business world, students and employees learn through augmented reality learning and training. They:
  • Are provided with new information through standard instruction.
  • Practice skills in a safe, virtual environment.
  • Perform tasks and apply knowledge on the job or in an academic setting while being immersed in a completely virtual world.
Employee experiences are improved through virtual reality training which increases engagement and drives efficiency, safety, and knowledge transfers, allowing the creation of rich content experiences regardless of the technical level of employee.
Virtual Labs allow for repeated practice after students or employees gain a baseline knowledge through their eLearning curriculum and before training on real equipment.
The gaming and entertainment new systems allows you to navigate simply by using your eyes, hands, and voice, providing an immersive way to experience entertainment. The ultimate theatre can be attained wherever you are. This is Innovation you can see, hear, and feel. “You can do things you love in ways never before possible.”
Thank you, Thomas Kauer, for sharing this exciting and expanding technology. What lies beyond, in this growing industry?... “Beam me up Scotty!”