Elmbrook Rotary Youth Protection Committee Chairperson John Schesta recently talked at a Friday morning meeting to let members know that every year Rotary International asks clubs to renew and maintain their commitment to youth protection. This commitment grew out of the various sex abuse scandals that have occurred in recent years with other organizations and is similar to commitments that other youth-oriented groups have implemented.
According to John, the goal of the Youth Protection Committee is not only to meet Rotary’s expectations to protect youth, but also to educate and protect Rotarians from undo risk. The committee is looking for members that have an interest in such goals and service.

Current plans include:
  1. Developing an educational program for the members
  2. Maintaining compliance documentation for Rotary
  3. Serving as a resource for members on youth protection issues throughout the year.
If you're interested in helping with our efforts, please contact myself or Tom Pyne.
In addition, I would also like to thank a number a number of Club Members that have contributed to this effort. Tom Pyne took the initiative when this first became a focus for Rotary and became our first chairperson. Tom helped develop the framework for subsequent efforts. Dick Murray also served as a chairperson early on and before he moved out of the area. Sue Cerletty developed the spreadsheet that is used to document compliance. Jeanne Allen has contributed over time and Jan Constable, our tutoring coordinator, has done an outstanding job to follow through on tutors to maintain compliance. Lastly, thanks to all members that have completed the affidavits and behavioral expectation forms to adhere to Rotary goals.  
Thanks to everyone for all their efforts,
John Schesta
Youth Protection Committee Chairperson
Elmbrook Rotary
John F. Schesta, Ph.D.
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-North Market
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