On March 11th the Elmbrook Rotary Club was joined by Bill Mohr & Mike Pyritz of the Wisconsin DOT I-94 East/West Team to learn more about upcoming improvements to a major interstate in our community.
The current I-94 interstate stretch has been in service consistently over the last 60 years and is in need of rehabilitation.
While traffic is being re-routed, the team will take this opportunity to also add an additional 2 or 4 lanes (1 or 2 eastbound, 1 or 2 westbound) and will be removing the 175 left handed exit and replacing with an off ramp on the right hand side of the road. This project completes the major I-94 restoration project, as it follows the completion of the Zoo and Marquette interchange. 
Summer in Milwaukee has always meant great weather and road construction. There are always short- term sacrifices, but Bill and Mike promise that these changes will create infrastructure we're happy with for decades.