Elmbrook Rotary Club prides itself on having in its ranks the leaders of the Milwaukee Metro area.  ERC allows members to capture their passions in service while advancing their professional careers and balancing their family lives.

Our members:

  • Are Brookfield and Elm Grove's leading professionals.  Rotary International was founded as an organization built on vocational advancement and as an avenue to advance a community's business environment through weekly fellowship.  

  • Are each committed to community and international service.  The central part of membership is participating in ERC's multiple service projects, both local and international.  Each member has made a commitment to energetically improve the lives of people who most need it.  ERC members' focus is how to use their professional skills to do the most amount of good.

  • Are part of the fellowship of a very warm and inviting group of Rotarians.  ERC meets each week while members build lifelong friendships between members and members' families.  

Elmbrook Rotary Club welcomes new members.  Elmbrook Rotary Club members are selected for their leadership and commitment to making a difference.  Membership is by invitation, but we always are looking to learn more about leaders and potential leaders in the Milwaukee Metro area: please see more about joining ERC.