Posted on Sep 19, 2021
Elmbrook Rotary Club (ERC) members gathered on Saturday afternoon, September 18, to enjoy the second day of the 5th Annual Elm Grove Oktoberfest.
ERC member Ted Wentzel is Vice-President of the Elm Grove Community Foundation and helped organize the gala event. Food, drink (obviously, beer), music, & games highlighted the enjoyable event.
One of the highlights was the Masskrugstemmen competition. Masskrugstemmen ("Large Jug Hoisting") is a Bavarian Sport and is generally played in groups.  It consists of holding a 1-liter Stein, filled with Hofbrau beer, with one's arms. The arms must be completely stretched out and parallel to the floor. No bending of the elbows is permitted. You must hold the Stein as long as possible in this position. Winner is the one still holding the Stein(s) after the other competitors have yielded. Click on the image above to view a short clip of ERC member Christine Spresser's participation in the competition.
ERC members enjoy a social every month. It's part of Rotary camaraderie.