Elmbrook Rotary Club's first "virtual meeting" occurred on Friday, April 3. It was a rip-roaring success with 63 participants!
ERC's own, Dr. Mark Bruce, was the featured speaker. He again related his personal story and personal communications with Jackie Kennedy when she was the nation's First Lady. Dr. Bruce's story appears in his book entitled, Jackie, a Boy, and a Dog: A Warm Cold War Story (now in its second printing). His web site (www.JackieBoyDog.com) contains a composite of his meaningful and motivational personal story, including video clips and how to purchase the book. His 39-minute ERC presentation can be accessed by clicking here or on the image below.
Dr. Bruce, an emergency medicine physician who has led multiple international medical mercy trips, also used the occasion to speak about COVID-19 and his own personal involvement here in the State of Wisconsin. He insisted that God provides skills and grace to each individual and that the current global pandemic is an opportunity to put those skills and grace to good use for the sake of our neighbor.
Elmbrook Rotary Club intends to schedule regular online "virtual meetings." ERC leadership will provide notices and instructions concerning when, what, and how to participate.