Our Speaker this morning was Dr David Gaus who is Founder of the Andean Health and Development. He was joined by Laura Dries who is Executive Director. Working with the rural indigenous populations of Ecuador, Andean Health is one of the international outreach programs sponsored by Elmbrook Rotary.
Our club has sponsored 2 medical residents over the past 4 years who have committed to serve the impoverished native villages with basic medical needs.Dave talked about his journey from a young graduate accountant, disenchanted with his prospects, who was encouraged to return to Medical School by then President of Notre Dame, Father Ted Hesburgh.
During his early work in Ecuador, he realized to be effective any program needed to be locally based and self-sustaining. The first clinic located in the village of Pedro Vincente Maldanado has now reached that point and Andean Health is beginning efforts to establish Hesburgh Hospital in the town of Santo Domingo. It was a very impressive story and just another example of Elmbrook Rotary’s commitment to improving the conditions of our Community both locally and internationally.
Next week, in our last program before Memorial Day, Dr Tim McMahon of Marquette University will talk about the tragic and preventable events that resulted in WWI – The War to End All Wars.