We had a full room this morning and a number of guests including Donna Weber and students from Capitol West Academy and Art Salani, President of Global Fastener and Supply were on hand in addition to Club Member Jack Melloh, who we wished a Happy Birthday. It was also was fitting that on Arbor Day 2015, we meet in Elm Grove which is know as the City of Trees! 
Donna Weber of Capitol West Academy and two of her young students stopped by to thank all of the ERC members and friends who have contributed their time as tutors this past year. CWA will hold a special Appreciation Event on May 26 to honor all the Tutors.
As mentioned, we also wished a special birthday to Jack Melloh this morning. But Jack denied that he was around to celebrate another birthday coming this week – the Universe which, according to Johannes Keppler will be 6,992 years old on Monday.
One of our newer members, Tom Hochuli gave us a quick Classification Talk on his background.  Originally from New York, Tom is a sales manager with Clear Channel Outdoor. He and his wife Julie are Pewaukee residents and when they were married Tom became an instant grandfather – times 9!
We also got word this morning from Barry James that longtime member and Foundation Treasurer, Bill Isbister will be undergoing chemo treatments for the next several weeks. Knowing Bill however, he will be making every effort to be sure that his 31 Year Perfect Attendance string stays intact. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bill and his family.
Finally, our speaker this morning was Art Salani who is President of Global Fastener and Supply and the father of ERC member Chris Salani. Art talked about the formation and growth of his company into a worldwide provider of – literally - the nuts and bolts of industry. Art emphasized the key role that distribution plays in keeping the wheels of our economy greased and rolling.
Next week or speaker will be Tim Engel of Better Earth Textile Recycling. Ever wonder what happens to those old Fun Run T-shirts you donate to charity?   Find out next week.