We learned from Sergeant-at-Arms Linda Edelstein this week that according to the “Fun Facts” in this month’s Rotarian Magazine – happy people have better appetites. If that’s true, the Elmbrook Rotary Club must be one of the happiest places in the country!

Congrats to the Elmbrook Rotarians who took top honors at this week’s Brookfield Chamber Golf outing.  Especially notable was Ralph Gould’s “flying wedge” which outdistanced his chip shot by forty feet.  And thanks to the team for donating a portion of their “50-50 Raffle” winnings to the Elmbrook Rotary Foundation.

Our speaker this morning was Marie O’Brien, CEO of Enterforce.  Marie talked about the changes in the modern workforce and challenges facing business looking to acquire top talent to remain competitive. Among the issues she covered was

  • A gap between the skills needed by companies and those looking for work
  • The migration of information to mobile internet devises – and how to connect with younger workers
  • Challenge of businesses to coordinate the hiring needs of multiple departments, and locations in a global economy