Our speaker this morning was Tim Engel who is President of Better Earth Textile Recycling (BETR).  A seasoned Marketing and Sales Executive, Tim is using his professional skills to address the challenge of keeping over 24 billion tons of discarded clothing and textiles out of our landfills each year.
BETR collects old and unused clothing and through its worldwide network, distributes them to struggling countries for resale, or recycles them for use as industrial or building materials. The materials find new uses as industrial rags, upholstery filling, or insulation. His company also provides opportunities for clubs and non-profit organizations to raise funds by collecting unused or discarded clothing, which BETR then processes. Tim provided a very interesting story with a positive theme for jobs and the environment.
In addition to Tim's talk, this morning we had a Member Classification Talk from former Brookfield Mayor, Kate Bloomberg and inducted our newest member, Vicki Schroeder who was sponsored by Kathy Becker.
Next week our meeting will feature WTMJ TV4’s Lance Allen will be here to give us his insights on the collection of Wisconsin sports teams that have been having a good year –– despite the recent slow start by the Brewers!